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Some Ways to Have Healthy Eyes for Business Woman

Some Ways to Have Healthy Eyes for Business Woman

Being a business women is an interesting job but it also has risk. One of the risks which is often faced by women is getting eyeshore such as myopia. When there is a problem, there is solution too. So, if you are a business woman who does not want this disturbance, please keep calm. Here are some ways to make your eyes healthy as always.

1.       Have a Break

If your job demands you to stay in a long time or even all day long in front of a computer, you need to take a break. After working for about 30 minutes, you have to see another things around you. Move your eyes from the monitor. If you keep watching the monitor in long time, your eyes will be stressful and the brightness from your monitor can disturb your ability in seeing something. 

2.       Adjust a Proper Resolution on Your Monitor

You have to pay attention on the resolution of your monitor. Don’t make a very low or high resolution in which your eyes will be easier to be tired. Use the resolution which is sugessted by the company. 

3.       Try Candle Theraphy

It is one of traditional way but the effective one. You may try it at home. The way to do it is very easy. You just need to see the light from a candle without winking till your tears come out. It is aimed to remove the bacteria from your eyes.

4.        Consume Vitamin A

You can buy a supplement for getting Vitamin A or you may get the vitamin from some fruits and vegetable.
Those are some ways to get healthy eyes. You are still able to be a great business woman without having high risk of eyeshore. It is great, is not it? 

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