Thursday, October 16, 2014

Be Careful with Your Cosmetics

Be Careful with Your Cosmetics!

Cosmetics are obligation for women especially for those who are in 20-30 years old. Confident will not be there without cosmetics. Unfortunately, many people or beauty center make it as their advantage. They promote many kinds of product with unqualified quality even endanger women. Here are the explanation in knowing whether your cosmetics are safe or not. 

1.       Sticky

One of indicators that a particular cosmetic dangerous is sticky. This texture occurs because the maker blend mercury and face powder. This step is done to make mercury texture no longer well recognized by the users. 

2.       Hot and Itchy

If you cannot recognize the product by touching the texture, you may use another step. You can feel the impact after using the product. If you feel hot and itch, there is a big possibility that the product that you use have mercury on it. You should not continue in using the product.

3.       Sheller Skin

The other response from your skin toward dangerous cosmetics is sheller skin. After feeling hot and itch, your skin especially the epidermis will be disturbed by the mercury. You may think that it is proper to clean your face up but it is not. It will maka your epidermis getting thin and more sensitive. Moreover, the disturbance not only break your epidermis but your skin. It will be hotter and your skin will be not able to protect itself from UV light and other viruses. 

4.       Colour

The other way to know wheter your cosmetics consist of mercury or not is wacthing your face colour. When it is change into pale and the proccess is quick, it means that the cosmetics have mercury.
Those are the information about the indicators of dangerous cosmetics. So, be careful in choosing a particular product. 

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